Episode 1

The Untitled Pilot

Jeremy and Trip used to col­lab­o­rate on short films early in the 21st Cen­tury, but that’s been pretty hard to do since Trip moved from Kansas City to Port­land, OR six years ago.

Nev­er­the­less, Jeremy and Trip have been want­ing to do some­thing cre­ative together again, and fig­ured, “Pod­cast. Why the hell not.” So, on the after­noon of New Year’s Eve, the two fel­lows sat down for an hour long Skype ses­sion. The edited result is what you hear today.

Think of this as a pilot for a series that’s look­ing to get picked up. The pro­duc­tion is a lit­tle rough. The “char­ac­ters” aren’t fully real­ized. The show has yet to find its voice. But that’s OK. We’ll get there.

Join us as we embark on a fas­ci­nat­ing voy­age together.

In This Episode: Trip’s cameo in Twi­light, Huge Net­flix queues, Port­land vs. Kansas City, YouTube idiocy.