Episode 10

The Tenth Episode

What bet­ter way to punc­tu­ate an episode deal­ing with society’s reliance on tech­nol­ogy than with a bar­rage of com­puter crashes that are a resid­ual result of Trip’s com­puter prob­lems that he had in Unti­tled Episode 5?

None. None bet­ter way, really.

In this episode: A dis­cus­sion about tech­nol­ogy brought on by an arti­cle the guys read about Nicholas Carr‘s new book, mul­ti­ple com­puter crashes, Trip inces­santly types try­ing to Google ways to keep his com­puter from crash­ing again, Jeremy gets all Mer­lin Mann–ish about the sub­ject at hand, tools vs. nov­el­ties, Trip\$ha.