Episode 5

The Fifth Episode

Trip con­tin­ues to have com­puter prob­lems. Jeremy tries to cap­i­tal­ize on this fact in order to gain lis­ten­er­ship at the expense of Trip’s bit­ter tears. Hilar­ity ensues.

In this episode: Lis­ten­ing to Pan­dora instead of an MP3 col­lec­tion, Trip runs down the con­tents of his lost 1TB hard drive, Jeremy sug­gests “Ter­abytes For Trip,” a telethon designed to raise funds to revive Trip’s data (or the inner city youth cen­ter), Baby Jacket Dance, phone com­ments that aren’t really com­ments at all, show sug­ges­tions from the Face­book fan page, a pro­mo­tion for the day that we get 100 iTunes subscribers.

Seri­ously though, if any­one knows how to res­cue hard drive data and wants to do some­thing decent, give us a call or send us a mes­sage. Trip would appre­ci­ate it.