Episode 6

The Sixth Episode

With special guest Pat Piper

We were incred­i­bly lucky to have Pat Piper from Lazy Eye The­atre drop in and talk Oscars 2010 with us. Of course, we got a lit­tle off sub­ject, but had some great film con­ver­sa­tion come out of it.

Make no mis­take about it though, this was def­i­nitely Trip and Piper’s episode. That’s what Jeremy gets for not watch­ing any of the movies up for Oscars this year.

In This Episode: Piper drops in, Oscar 2010 talk, pre­dic­tions and/or fan­tasies, Blu-Ray movies, Where The Wild Things Are, how The Wiz­ard Of Speed And Time rules ass, Kather­ine Bigelow, soul-sucking to com­plete screenplays.