Episode 7

The Seventh Episode

Some­times you’ve gotta throw away a few rot­ten apples before you can make a pie, and pod­casts are kinda like that. You’ve got to know your lim­i­ta­tions. You’ve got to feel out your audi­ence. And, every once in a while you just have got to Vase­line up a melon hole before you can fuck it.

In This Episode: Why YouTube sucks and the secret where­abouts of Google’s head­quar­ters, iPad sight­ings after the big “buy me” week­end, Cory Doc­torow and his insis­tence on tin­ker­ing, cow-induced RAM destruc­tion, nat­u­rally sat­is­fied inno­va­tion, Nean­derthal vocal chords.